Health at homes is a company started by Dr Chaitanya Challa,Mbbs,MD,FCCS,PDCC; as a service initiative to help patients who are unable to visit hospitals due to chronic health issues .This initiative helps the patients by providing doctor visits at home.The patients gets medical help at home.Nursing care can be provided at home.

Various procedures like foleys catheterisation, rules tube feeding,dressing for injuries,bed sore care,enema etc can be done at home by trained and qualified nurses.We are also providing physiotherapy at home for non ambulant patients. Vaccinations for adults and children can be administered in your house or office at the patients convenience.Patients can also buy medical equipment like glucometer (to check blood sugar level),BP apparatus ,weighing scale etc if needed.

Any investigation  needing a blood or urine  sample can be taken at home and processed in our laboratories and the report can be emailed to the patient which helps in saving time taken in travel. Our doctors can also admit the patients in hospitals if needed providing a complete health care system.